Demonstration of Pattern Constancy Under Varying Extraneous Conditions

Mars Odyssey THEMIS Imagery

                                        Original Image                                     Edge Detect                         Edge Detection After Retinex/VS Enhancement

Sensor Exposure Variations

Click on image below for sun angle example


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These examples demonstrate the canonical representation performance of the optimized
Retinex/Visual Servo (RVS). We have studied a variety of time series image classes and
carried them through RVS processing and then on to detected edge patterns to confirm that
canonical visual representation leads to pattern constancy in the pattern domain of higher
level processing. These experimental results yield a reasonably comprehensive understanding
of the performance envelope which can be which can be accomplished, and scientific insights
into the intrinsic limits on this performance.

Click on the different thumbnails to the right to select from different entraneous variables or
just click though in sucesssion to see how pattern-constant the RVS processing is. As demonstrated
in the past, noise is the limiting factor for obtaining good enhancements in extremely poor visibility
imaging and this demonstrates likewise that noise is the limiting factor for obtaining pattern constancy.

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