Retinex Image Processing--Publications--IST 50th Anniversary Conference

A Comparison of the Multiscale Retinex With Other Image Enhancement Techniques

Zia-ur Rahman, Glenn A. Woodell, and Daniel J. Jobson


The multiscale retinex with color restoration (MSRCR) has shown itself to be a very versatile image enhancement algorithm that simultaneously provides dynamic range compression, color consistency, and color rendition. A number of algorithms exist that provide one or more of these features, but not all. In this paper we compare the performance of the MSRCR with techniques that are widely used for image enhancement. Specifically, we compare the MSRCR with color adjustment methods such as gamma correction and gain/offset application, histogram modification techniques such as histogram equalization and manual histogram adjustment, and other more powerful techniques such as homomorphic filtering and `burning and dodging'. The comparison is carried out by testing the suite of image enhancement methods on a set of diverse images. We find that though some of these techniques work well for some of these images, only the MSRCR performs universally well on the test set.

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