Retinex Image Processing--Publications--SPIE 5778, Orlando, Florida Conference

Enhancement of imagery in poor visibility conditions screening

Glenn A. Woodell, Daniel J. Jobson, Zia-ur Rahman, Glenn Hines


Current still image and video systems are typically of limited use in poor visibility conditions such as in rain, fog, smoke, and haze. These conditions severely limit the range and effectiveness of imaging systems because of the severe reduction in contrast. The NASA Langley Research Center s Visual Information Processing Group has developed an image enhancement technology based on the concept of a visual servo that has direct applications to the problem of poor visibility conditions. This technology has been used in cases of severe image turbidity in air as well as underwater with dramatic results. Use of this technology could result in greatly improved performance of perimeter surveillance systems, military, security, and law enforcement operations, port security, both on land and below water, and air and sea rescue services, resulting in improved public safety.

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