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Not Just Content to See

Not just content to see
We sought to know,
To build and
To know how to build.

The image with its magic and mystery-
We tried to comprehend, dissect,
Unlock its secrets
Which are the very secrets
Of the eye and mind.

The dancing photons on the retinal mosaic
Play a music of pure numbers.
Light and dark become delight.

Streaming numbers of optical focus
Sent us the sense
Of lunar terrain and Martian geology
(They hoped for biology)
Across the dark chasm
Of previously forbidden space-
Distance conquered by lens aperture
The quantum photoelectric effect
And a trickle of telemetry
(Let's not forget the rocket).

We made a dint in bloated ignorance
And caught a little sliver
Of the moonbeam and starshine.

Imprinted in our minds now is
The footprint of man in lunar regolith,
The tapestry filigree of earth from space,
And ochre dreams of rusty rocky Mars.

We have seen as
No one has seen before.

Knowledge is vision and
We have fathomed some of the design for seeing
And fostered the sights for others of a world
That now with Hubble
Stretches to the edge of space and time.

Dan Jobson


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